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From: Vincent Vincent
Subject: Fagboy & Fagdad - Part 6First, the disclaimers. THIS IS A WORK OF FICTION. The narrative that
follows did not happen to me or to anyone else I know. The characters in
the story, like myself, are all of legal age. Don't contact Me to meet
these slaves. DO contact Me if you want to become one of these slaves.
Also contact me with any praise, criticism, or suggestions. All
feedback is good.And those who have read my previous work (Satanic slave, also on
Nifty/Authoritarian) will know where those gloryholes lead....Fagboy & Fagdad - Part 6Tyler was still trying to adjust to the major fuck his head had endured a
few days ago. Being Alexi's imaginary cuckold. Sucking him off while he
looked at photos of Ty's wife and fantasized fucking her. Becoming a beta
male to Alexi.It was earth-shattering. Ty had never had any thoughts like preteen lolita children naked
this before,
but Alexi was able to easily bring what had been deep inside Tyler to the
surface, forcing him to see himself as he really was. A submissive man who
got off on the power and authority of another.Ty wondered if he was coming out as queer. He had sucked Alexi off and was
rock hard through the experience. But it wasn't about Alexi's prick; it
was about his authority and power. It was about the fact that he WASN'T
attracted to Alexi physically; that was making his submission all the more
powerful.He didn't discuss these thoughts with Alexi, but the fact that Alexi was
able to so quickly and effortlessly bring him to this state made Tyler want
to worship him even more.But Tyler shared his home with Ryan and knew it would be inappropriate to
display his submission in front of his son. So it was subtle things that
made it clear who was the boss. Tyler now always brought home or cooked
diner for Alexi and would eat only after he had finished, using the same
plate and utensils to eat the lukewarm leftovers after Alexi left. If
there was anything Alexi needed or wanted, Ty was his eager errand boy.
The TV and stereo were set to Alexi's favorite stations. And Tyler was
aware that Alexi was making some fundamental changes to the design of the
home, but decided he didn't have the right to ask what they were. He
trusted Alexi, now more than ever.That trust was based on how Alexi handled the power he now had over Tyler.
He pushed Ty further, of course, but kept the pace reasonable, making his
demands reasonable. For instance, Tyler lolita shocking nude young was to go to a local porn store
and find some movie or magazine featuring a woman he lusted after. When
Alexi would want some sexual service, Ty was to present the porn and
service Alexi while he enjoyed the porn. The next day, Ty was to return to
the bookstore and get something for next time -- there was always to be
something new available.One time Tyler was at the bookstore and noticed an area off to the side
"Rate a cocksucker : $5.00." He asked the sales clerk what that was all
about."There are about a dozen glory holes in there. You pay your money and try
one out. If you like the blowjob, you hit `YES'. If you don't, you hit
`NO.' The cocksuckers are there until they get a specific number of guys'
approval. It's an unbelievably high number, something in the mid 600's.""What? Some guys are in there until they get over 600 men off?""Yeah, pretty twisted, huh. I don't know the details. I'm just here to
keep things in line."Ty went home wondering about the kind of man, if a man at all, that would
submit to that kind of experience. He shrugged, realizing it probably
wasn't all that different from the kind of straight guy who would buy porn
for another man to enjoy while he sucked him off. "We're all pretty
fucking twisted," he thought to himself.Alexi demanded service one evening after dinner. Fortunately, Ryan had
become very busy with his friends lately and was rarely home. Tyler hoped
he was keeping up on his studies, but wasn't worried because Ryan had
always been very responsible. Tyler, according to the custom Alexi
demanded, knelt in front of Alexi and preteen lolita bbs list offered him the porn he had selected."She's got great tits, Ty. Good choice. I don't like mammoth tits -- I
like them real. Keep up the good work. But before you start working on my
prick, I have a gift for you.""Really?" Tyler started to blush. "That's so nice of you, Sir.""Here." Alexi pulled out a small box from behind the couch. "It's a
chastity device. We lock this around your prick and your hard-on is now
under my control. Stand up and we'll put it on." Tyler was not rock-hard,
but was in a constant full yet soft state. It wasn't easy locking the ring
of the device around the base of his slavedick, but Alexi persevered until
he succeeded. Like always. "Now you won't cum, won't even get fully hard,
unless I decide to allow it.""Thank You, Sir, for deepening my lack of manliness, Sir. I like being
your straight fag, Sir.""You know, Ty, I think you're becoming a good little bitch." Tyler blushed
yet again at the praise. "I think it's time you started tiny lolita free pics to look more like
one. I bought you some nylons and a nice frilly little apron. Strip and
put these on."Ty turned beet red, his humility morphing to humiliation. "Whatever you
desire, Sir. I like being your bitch." Ty dropped took off his clothes,
hung them up, and put on the nylons. They were fishnet, very sheer, and
made his legs look very feminine. The apron covered up his chastity gear
and between the two he looked and felt essentially dickless."You know, Ty, that's a good start. But I think we need one more piece to
your ensemble. While you were at work, I found your shoe size. I think
these will fit just fine." Alexi pulled out a shoe box and pulled out a
pair of stiletto-heeled calf-high boots.Tyler's prick started to dance inside its cage, causing the pinpricks to
bite into his flesh. He put on the boots and stood up. He saw the
cheapest of whores staring back in the mirror. Alexi read his thoughts.
"Yeah, that's one fine suckbitch. I may just watch you instead of the
porn." The praise etched into Tyler's brain. Yes, this was exactly what
he asked for: Alexi's pleasure in what Ty was doing for him. That
reinforcement inspired him to provide even more attention to how he
pleasured Alexi's cock. "Good little bitch ... yeah, slide that tongue
around. Grip Me with your fucking throat." Every instruction and
suggestion made Tyler all the more compliant and eager to please. When
Alexi's dick started to pulse in earnest, Ty became completely engrossed in
coaxing Alexi's orgasm. pree teen lolitas virgins His submission had grown to focus completely on
Alexi's pleasure. Ty's cock was aching within its prison, but that made
submission even stronger.As Alexi started to cum, he pulled his cock out of Ty's mouth and erupted
all over his face. He then pulled yet another surprise out from behind the
sofa. A small digital camera which he used to immortalize Ty's cum facial.
"Now crawl backwards, showing off that ass and those thighs in nylons."
Another snapshot taken. "Now stand up. Put one leg in front of the other
like a model on a runway." Snapshot taken. Alexi condescendingly patted
Tyler's head. "Good little cunt. You have an excellent career ahead of
you.""Sir? I don't understand.""I'm going to use these photos on Craigslist. Here's a copy of the ad."
He tossed a printout to Tyler. The headline read:"Straight fagbitch needs your seed"Ty gulped as he continued reading."i'm not queer. i love fucking pussy. But i'm not man enough to be
allowed that luxury. i have accepted my place as a cuckolded cocksucker."i know better than to say a word to you. You have no interest in what i
think or have to say. My job is to please you, Sir. You want to kick back
and put me to work on your meat? Thank You, Sir, for the chance to worship
a real Man's nads."You want to skullfuck my throat like a pussy? Thank You, Sir, for feeding
my submission with your power."Did you have a bad day and want some bitch to slap around? Thank You,
Sir, for showing this bitch some attention."There is no fee for my services. However, the Man who has locked up my
crotch (yes, i'm kept chaste. i am a bitch with no dick.) has deepened my
humiliation by making any chance of an orgasm up to the generosity of loliyas models ilegals free
like You. If You are not merely satisfied, but genuinely pleased with my
service, toss some coins on the floor for me to gather up. No bills, only
pocket change. When i have collected enough money in tips, he will grant
me the chance to empty my pathetic nuts. The only chance i have for
release is in Your hands, Sir. Include a phone number in your response and
the Man who owns me will contact you to set things up."Ty was trembling. "Sir, you're going to post this?""Absolutely. You're a treasure meant to be shared.""But what if someone from work sees it?" Tyler worked as an accountant at
a car dealership; there were mechanics and salesmen there who might
actually see and enjoy this kind of posting."Then you'll be a source of entertainment to your co-workers as well.
Isn't that wonderful?""Sir, how much money does it take to cum?""Well, that's a little complicated. I'm going to keep a tip jar for you.
You leave with no money. What you come back with goes into the jar. When
you want to cash out, we take the jar to one of those machines to free love lolita gallery total the
coins inside. Then we roll two dice to young lolita teen porn determine how many dollars it costs
per minute. If you roll a 10 and you gave me $100, then you get 10 minutes
to cum. Oh, and just to make it fun, the timer will be where you can't see
it. If you cum too fast, you've wasted money. If you take too long, time
could run out without you reaching orgasm." Alexi chuckled. "The next
time you cash out, we roll again, but that dice roll is added to the
previous total. So if you roll a 5, we add that to the 10 and it's now $15
per minute. And the next time will be added to that total. So each perverts r us loli orgasm
is more expensive than the last. Pretty fucking ingenious, isn't it?"
Tyler sadly nodded. "Don't look so sad, bitchboy. You're about to become
very popular."

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